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Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

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Job Seekers

Our business depends on our strong and deep network of talented technicians, operators, developers, and project managers.  We are always looking for new talent.  

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, please fill out the form below and submit your resume. We will reach out to you to start the vetting process.

All of our team members undergo:

  • Technical screening
  • Technical tests
  • Personality screening
  • Background checks
  • Drug testing

Our technicians are project-based.  Please note, that this is an application to be added to our pool of talent, and not for a full-time position. 

Open Positions

UI Design

User Interface designer for applications.

Web Design

Website design and user experience designer.

Graphic Design

Graphic and animation designer

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We are always looking to expand our network of gifted technicians.  Please send us your information to join the AXA Professionals network.

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