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AXA Technology Case Studies

It is one thing for us to tell you about our services and the way we make an IMPACT, deliver on our promises, or deliver peace of mind for all your technology needs. However, it is another to hear from our customers and see how we delivered our white-glove service from the starting line to way after the finish line. 


We care about our clients and we go the extra mile to make sure the project is handled correctly, professionally, and up to speak. But more than that, we set you up for the future and make sure you are supported 100%. 

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Point of Sale system failed


Major fashion house and luxury goods company POS system crashed at 9pm on a weeknight

If you work in IT, you know that updates get pushed to systems and occasionally, there are mistakes or crashes.  One international retail boutique store experienced this firsthand when their offshore IT department pushed a software update. However, instead of pushing the update to the desktops, they accidentally pushed it to the store Point of Sale systems.  This update caused the POS systems to fail.

System update crashed POS system in 40 locations

The clients reached out to AXA Professionals when the crash happened at 9 pm to let them know they might need help. By 4 am, the client reached out again requesting technicians to be dispatched. Without the POS systems working, the stores could not ring up sales or service their customers – impacting the stores’ customer service and finances.  

2 hour response time

AXA Professionals responded immediately with Level 1 Technicians who reported on location the next morning at 40 locations throughout over 20 cities in the US. Their response time was less than 2 hours. 

Minimal Impact on Shoppers

While onsite, the technicians acted as smart hands in communication with the overseas IT department. The POS systems were back up and running in 4-6 hours. This quick response time minimized the impact on customers and the financial impact of a major POS system outage.


Overnight Request


Locations in 20 cities


Hour response time


Hour resolution

Recruiting Over a Weekend


New York Hospital System needs Windows Operating system update 

What happens when you have a system of five hospitals in New York and you need to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10?  You call a company that can help you recruit the technicians and the talent that you need to make all the migrations happen on time.


The hospital called AXA Professionals on Thursday night with a request to have 20 technicians distributed to five locations throughout the Bronx in New York starting on the following Monday.  They needed all of the computers on their network to be migrated over at all five locations within six weeks.

Recruiting local technicians

As soon as they got the call for a group of level 1 technicians with experience with sub support and desktop support, AXA Professionals got to work.  They reached out to their network of technicians and then started to recruit the talent that they needed.  During the recruiting process, they vet the technicians for technical expertise, and for cultural fit within the company.  By Sunday evening, AXA Pros had recruited, interviewed, and completed the background checks that were needed so that all 20 technicians arrive onsite, at the correct locations, and ready to work on Monday morning.

    • 72 hours to recruit, interview, vet and prepare 20 level 1 technicians

    • Migrate all systems in five locations from Windows 7 to Windows 10

    • Match technicians for skills and culture fit

    • Communication throughout the process regarding the technician matching progress

Successful candidates = Right fit

Throughout the recruiting process, AXA Pros stayed in communication with the client to let them know how the process was going and to ensure that they understood, not only the technical aspects that were needed, but also the cultural fit, dress code, and soft-skill expectations that are needed.

The recruiting process was so successful, that three of the technicians were requested to stay at the hospitals on a permanent basis.

AXA Professionals was able to recruit and prepare 20 technicians within 72 hours. The technicians completed the migration within the 6-week timeline. The matches were great for the project and AXA Professionals took care of the entire process with their turnkey service, from the moment they were hired, through the end of the project.  


Hours recruiting timeline


Level 1 Technicians

Migration from Windows 7 to

Windows 10



Lifeline on a Dragging Project


AXA Professionals called in to finish a POS System Upgrade Project

We’ve all been there – partnered with someone that doesn’t work out and wishing for a lifeline to help.  Sometimes it’s a partner that doesn’t help in a middle school project.  Other times, it’s a vendor that doesn’t perform up to par on a project for work.  Fortunately, if it happens at work, you have the ability to use a lifeline and bring in experts that can help close out the project for you.  That’s exactly what happened at a discount clothing company that was upgrading their Point of Sale system at 12 locations – they needed a lifeline.

The Right Partner called in

The clothing company had been working with a vendor to upgrade the POS systems in their stores for months.  The project was dragging along and the clients were not happy. So, they made a call to AXA Professionals to finish the project. Nine days before the go-live date, AXA Professionals received the work order to dispatch technicians to 12 locations throughout the US.

Upgrade Done before Launch Date

Within hours, AXA Pros reviewed the scoop of work with the client, reached out to their network of technicians and had a plan to complete the upgrade within a week – a few days ahead of the scheduled launch date.

Experience & Know-how to get the job done

AXA Professionals pride themselves on being a lifeline for their clients in a time of need. They have the know-how and experience to not only get the job done but ensure you are in good hands from start to finish while maintaining open communication and customer satisfaction.


Days before launch



Standard Operations Procedures

    • Review the scoop of work with the technician and the client

    • Brief technician team on dress code/conduct/culture to prepare them to be on location

    • Communicate with the local store manager and the client

    • Check-in with technicians – the night before, to ensure they are prepared

    • Have a backup plan if a technician can’t be reached

    • Check-in with technician 30 minutes before the arrival time

    • Inform the client when the technician arrives, about any issues that arise, and when the job is completed – the client receives instant updates on the job status

    • Empower the technicians to solve issues on location with a lifeline to the AXA Professionals management team

What about the Cables?


New Construction project forgot to schedule fiberoptic cable installation

Did you forget something?  We all have!  When construction for a new industrial warehouse project in Indiana was underway, they discovered, someone forgot to schedule the cabling crew for the fiberoptic cables to be installed. 

Next-day installation to prevent delays

Cables have to be installed during a specific time with a new construction, so they can complete inspections. A delay here, can through off the rest of the project. As the construction developed, the client realized they didn’t have the cable crew set up.  They called AXA Professionals on Thursday requesting 3 fiberoptic cablers to be onsite Friday morning.


5 hours to secure personal and equipment

AXA Professionals reached out to their network, and found the right crew that day.  In addition, they were able to rent the necessary equipment needed for the installation, including a scissor lift.  Everything was scheduled and ready by the same day.  At 2pm on Thursday, they had a meeting with the client to go over the plan and let them know that all crew and equipment had been secured to start the next morning.

From panic to relief

On Friday morning, the crew started and they worked throughout the weekend.  Ultimately, they got the job done by Sunday night.  The last-minute project went from panic to relief with AXA Professionals on the job. They communicated with the client and foreman throughout the weekend with updates on the project.


Fiberoptic Cablers


Scissor Lift


Hours to go from “oh no” to “phew”

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