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At AXA-TECH, we are a full-service IT services company with over 20 years of experience.  We pride ourselves on providing solutions to our clients to meet all of your IT and technology needs from start to finish. When it comes to technology, we don’t want you to worry about a thing, we’ll get IT done for you!

Our core mission is not only to provide IT solutions to fit your needs, but IT Technical Staffing to help your organization find and fill positions quickly and efficiently with top IT talent for the job. We believe in developing strong partnerships with our clients, and our growth is a testament to the quality of our service. Our team is committed to understanding your unique needs and tailoring our services to meet those needs. 

We have trained, professional IT personnel that we can leverage all over the United States and Canada.  This allows us to make sure we have your needs covered from the moment you contact us until the job is completed. 

         Core Service Areas

    • IT Managed Services
    • IT Projects
    • IT Consulting
    • IT Recruiting




IT Managed Services

IT support

From help desk services to remote administration or onsite technology partners – let us be your IT department. Asset refreshers and help with scanners, registers, etc.

Hardware & Software Repair

When you’re down, we’re there to help.  Hardware and software repair for any application. Computers and printer support. MAC or PC support.

Quarterly Health Checks

We will help you track and report on inventory, asset management, maintenance, updates, and power outages


On-prim and cloud-based server support. Networking via LAN, WAN, or wireless. Cabling and Equipment installation.

Cloud Services

Data backup, security, and recovery; website hosting and maintenance

Cabling & Fiber Optic

Laying out cables and fiber optic lines for clients to get them up and running quickly.

More than Managed Services.  We deliver IT Projects & Consulting, too! 


IT Projects

    • Office Moves
    • Programming & Application Development
    • Data Conversion & Migration



IT Consulting

    • POS Systems
    • ERP Systems
    • System Integration & Training
    • Business Process Review




IT Staff Recruiting

    • Staff vetting
    • Interviews
    • Background checks
    • Talent search




Technician Recruiting

We do the recruiting and technician vetting – you get a knowledgeable team of technicians

Sometimes, you know what you need, but you haven’t been able to find the talent you need.  IT recruiting is a specialized field.  When you know your business, but need someone to screen and find the right support staff, we’re there for you! 

Not only can we offer to be your IT department for you, but we’ll also replace ourselves with the right people to do the job!  

Talent Identification

We know where to find the people you need and how to scan our networks to recruit talent.

Skills Vetting

Technical interviews, testing, and verification o f skill levels and credentials.

Background Checks

Criminal and drug checks are done to ensure technician viability.

Analytics and metrics are in all our projects and maintenance.

Activity Tracking

    • Resolution time
    • Number of calls
    • Work Order Status
    • Financial impact




    • Location issues
    • Common problems
    • Program assessment



Health Checks

    • Updates
    • System maintenance
    • Historical assets
    • Asset refreshers

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